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Garrido Muro
garrido muroIn 1941, Demettrio GARRIDO MURO founded the company which bears his name in Arnedo (La Rioja). The aim was to manufacture, improving the quality obtained up to that moment, a product wanted by and indispensable for many people: flush slippers, a basic part of millions of people´s wardrobes. They have always been appreciated because of the comfort they give, even gaining the affection due to what is not only good and permanent, but also used for walking around the house.
Since then the company has managed to maintain tradition in the concept of the product without losing out on new style introduced by changes in fashion. It has also decided to keep up certain crarts practices in the manufacturing process while applying, in other cases, the most advanced production techniques, such as those related to sticking and inyecting, to attain an even higher standard of quality and better response to the company´s growing volume of comercial bussiness both nationally and internationaly.

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